SolarFlash Slate Refit Kit

Solarflash slate refit kit

SolarFlash Slate Refit Kit

Description : The SolarFlash Slate Refit Kit is designed to be used on Slate roofs: natural and man-made slate.

The Slate Refit should be used on slate roof retro-fit installations. This kit comes with the metal components which allow you to replace the final course of slates when the nail holes are not accessible.

The dimensions of the ‘Large’ SolarFlash are 365mm width / 365mm length. The hood is 50mm wide / 140mm length / 40mm depth (The hood is the same size on all three types of SolarFlash).

The length of the ‘Large’ SolarFlash are based on slates being double lap (up to 100mm head lap).

The Hallhook allows you to replace a slate when you cannot access the nail holes. The Hallhook only works on Hip holed slates and on head laps not less than 75mm and not greater than 100mm. The ‘Large’ SolarFlash is designed to work on a maximum slate length of 600mm (24″).

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