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LIVOLTEK is one of the leading solar product manufacturers and service providers worldwide. As a member company of Hexing Group, which is established in 1992 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (603556) in 2016, they have a natural advantage in the smart grid and new energy industry in more than 90 countries, with global supply chain, cutting edge technology and extensive service network.

LIVOLTEK power is committed to providing high-quality solar power for global customers covering residential, industrial & commercial, agricultural, and utilities. Their comprehensive portfolio includes PV inverters, hybrid inverters, battery inverters, storage batteries, EV chargers, and a monitoring system (Web and APP) for remote management.

LIVOLTEK focuses on green energy innovation and is dedicated to providing people with a high quality, efficient, and economical energy use experience. Focus Energy are proud to partner with LIVOLTEK in Ireland

7 22kw AC EV Charger

Livoltek Single Phase 7.3 kW Smart Solar EV Charger

Description :  The LIVOLTEK Smart EV Charger is the most cutting-edge smart charger available for wall and column

installation. It is compact in size, exquisite in appearance, and easy to install. Thanks to its user-friendly APP,

it is easy for users to charge independently and economically. It is the best choice for passenger EV owners to charge their vehicles by taking the advantage of the time of use tariff and PV system.

Features :

  • Built in RCD Protection
  • Low standby power consumption
  • 3 Charging Modes – Fast, Dynamic & ECO
  • Real-time load management and demand response
  • IP54 protection
  • Compatible with all brands of EV
  • Wi-Fi, 4G, Ethernet communication
  • OCPP compliance enables back-end system integration

Thinkwe Technology is a professional electrical manufacturer dedicated to the safety of PV applications for over 12 years. The main products include PV Power Optimizer、Rapid Shutdown、 Firefighter Safety Switch、Surge Protective Device. Thinkwe Technology is devoted to making PV systems safer for everyone, which we believe is of vital importance to a fast-growing renewable energy market all over the World.

ThinkWe Fire Fighter Safety Switch

ThinkWe Firefighter Safety Switch

Max Voltage
Max Current
Auto Shutdown Temp
Exceeding 70°C
IP Rating
IP65 & UV Protection

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